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     Hello! I am Lauralee Jacks. I recently graduated from Saint Mary's College of California with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree, and now I am back home with my parents. My major was Liberal and Civic Studies with a concentration in elementary teaching. I am currently working on my master's degree along with becoming a certified teacher. While I am still in graduate school, I am also a student teacher at my local school system, and a DJ and a small talk show host at my local radio station, 105.5 WYTM.  I have also published a children's book called Clovers and Fire. For more details about my book, you can look at it here on Amazon. It is an original fairytale that is filled with humor and adventure, but also has a strong moral to the story.

     I am a major history buff, and I love to read. I have created this blog to share my lifelong passion with others who have the same love of reading. Relax and enjoy this blog! :)

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