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The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams (Daughters of La Lune #4) by M. J. Rose: A Book Review

The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams (Daughters of La Lune #4) Author: M. J. Rose Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal Publisher: Blue Box Press Release Date: 2023 Pages: 352 Source: Netgal;ey/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: A captivating tale of two passionate women separated by decades but united by a shared vision. One, the famous jeweler Suzanne Belperron, fighting to protect her company and rescue the man she loves. The other, a young auctioneer whose exceptional gifts reveal a secret that endangers her very life.      “Only one thing saves you, and that is not losing sight of beauty.”      Paris, 1942. Suzanne Belperron is known as one of the most innovative jewelers of her time. Elsa Schiaparelli and the Duchess of Windsor are just two of her many illustrious clients. What no one knows is that Suzanne and her dear friend, American socialite Dixie Osgood, have been helping transport hundreds of Jewish families out of France since the war began. Bu

Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl by Renee Rosen: A Book Review

  Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl Author: Renee Rosen Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Berkley Release Date: 2023 Pages: 432 Source: Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: It’s 1938, and a young woman selling face cream out of a New York City beauty parlor is determined to prove she can have it all. Her name is Estée Lauder, and she’s about to take the world by storm, in this dazzling new novel from the USA Today bestselling author of The Social Graces and Park Avenue Summer .      In New York City, you can disappear into the crowd. At least that’s what Gloria Downing desperately hopes as she tries to reinvent herself after a devastating family scandal. She’s ready for a total life makeover and a friend she can lean on—and into her path walks a young, idealistic woman named Estée. Their chance encounter will change Gloria’s life forever.      Estée dreams of success and becoming a household name like Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, and Revlon. Before Glori

Goodnight from Paris by Jane Healey: A Book Review

  Goodnight from Paris Author: Jane Healey Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Lake Union Publishing  Release Date: 2023 Pages: 404 Source: Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: In Nazi-occupied France, an American film star takes on the most dangerous role of her life in a gripping novel about loyalty and resistance, inspired by a true story, from the Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of The Secret Stealers .      Paris, 1939. Hollywood actress Drue Leyton, married to Frenchman Jacques Tartière, lives as an expatriate in love. But when her husband is dispatched to Brittany to work as a liaison for the British military, Drue finds herself alone with her housekeeper, adrift and heartsick in her adopted city. With her career and fame forty-five hundred miles away, Drue accepts an opportunity that will change her life forever.       Befriended by seasoned wartime journalist Dorothy Thompson and urged on by political operative Jean Fraysse, D

The Anarchist's Wife: A Novella of the 1920s Sacco and Vanzetti Case by Margo Laurie: A Book Review

The Anarchist’s Wife: A Novella of the 1920s Sacco and Vanzetti Case Author: Margo Laurie Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Calleia Press Release Date: 2022 Pages: 180 Source: This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: In 1920, anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were accused of a robbery and double murder at a factory in Massachusetts. The case became one of the most notorious miscarriages of justice of the twentieth century.       The Anarchist's Wife is a poignant historical fiction novella which reimagines this American tragedy from the perspective of Rosa Sacco. Her husband was likely innocent of the crime he was accused of, but his possible involvement in anarchist violence was a far murkier question.      My Review: The Anarchist’s Wife tells the story of the Sacco and Vanzetti case from the perspective of Nicola Sacca’s Wife, Rosa Sacco. The story tells of Rosa’s courtship and marriage to Nicola Sacco. Her husband

Mastering the Art of French Murder (An American in Paris Mystery #1) by Colleen Cambridge: A Book Review

Mastering the Art of French Murder (An American in Paris Mystery #1) Author: Colleen Cambridge Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery & Suspense Publisher: Kensington  Release Date: 2023 Pages: 272 Source: Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: As Paris rediscovers its joie de vivre, Tabitha Knight, recently arrived from Detroit for an extended stay with her French grandfather, is on her own journey of discovery. Paris isn’t just the City of Light; it’s the city of history, romance, stunning architecture . . . and food. Thanks to her neighbor and friend Julia Child, another ex-pat who’s fallen head over heels for Paris, Tabitha is learning how to cook for her Grandpère and Oncle Rafe.      Between tutoring Americans in French, visiting the market, and eagerly sampling the results of Julia’s studies at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, Tabitha’s sojourn is proving thoroughly delightful. That is, until the cold December day they return to Julia’s building and learn

If a Poem Could Live and Breathe: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt’s First Live by Mary Calvi: A Book Review

If a Poem Could Live or Breathe: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt’s First Love Author: Mary Calvi Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Release Date: 2023 Pages: 320 Synopsis: A fact-based romantic speculative novel about Teddy Roosevelt’s first love, by Mary Calvi, author of Dear George, Dear Mary .      Studded with the real love letters between a young Theodore Roosevelt and Boston beauty Alice Lee―many of them never before published― If a Poem Could Live and Breathe makes vivid what many historians believe to be the pivotal years that made the future president into the man of action that defined his political life, and cemented his legacy.       Cambridge, 1878. The era of the Gilded Age. Alice Lee sets out to break from the norms of her mother’s generation. Women are fighting for educational opportunities and exploring a new sense of intellectual and personal freedom. Native New Yorker, Harvard student Teddy Roosevelt, is on his own journey of discovery, and

The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Patti Callahan Henry: A Book Review

The Secret Book of Flora Lea Author: Patti Callahan Henry Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Atria Books Release Date: 2023 Pages: 364 Source: Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis : When a woman discovers a rare book that has connections to her past, long-held secrets about her missing sister and their childhood spent in the English countryside during World War II are revealed.      In the war-torn London of 1939, fourteen-year-old Hazel and five-year-old Flora are evacuated to a rural village to escape the horrors of the Second World War. Living with the kind Bridie Aberdeen and her teenage son, Harry, in a charming stone cottage along the River Thames, Hazel fills their days with walks and games to distract her young sister, including one that she creates for her sister and her sister alone—a fairy tale about a magical land, a secret place they can escape to that is all their own.      But the unthinkable happens when young Flora suddenly vanishes while p