Review Policy

     I will be happy to consider reviewing and promoting your book from publishers and authors. I would also love to consider author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways. I would also like to participate in blog tours.

     The books that I will accept reviews on should feature female protagonists in historical eras. The setting may be modern if it ties in heavily with history.

     The books that I will accept can be in both the young adult and adult age range. I will accept books in any genre: nonfiction, historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, biblical fiction, romance, etc. I will also consider self-published books, ARC, Galley, finished copies, and e-books. However, I will not accept books featuring erotic or explicit adult material.

     I will also post my reviews on my blog and on Goodreads. I will also post the review link on Twitter, Facebook, and Networked Blogs. My review consist of book cover, book description, and the review. For both authors and publishers, not only will I post the review on my blog, but I will email you personally my review of the book along with the review link.

     FTC Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for the reviews that I write nor am I part of any affiliate program. I review books for enjoyment and as my own personal hobby. Accepting free copies, does not in any way influence my reviews. My reviews are honest and fair and also only reflect my opinion of a particular book. I also do not believe that there is such thing as thing as a bad book. If I have a negative review of it, it means the book was not suitable to my tastes. I do not give one star reviews because every book usually has some redeeming qualities, even though I may not particularly like the book as a whole.


  1. Your firm but fair review of The Girl Who Fought Napoleon leads me to hope that you might find my Napoleon's Rosebud an interesting read:

    If it interests you I could send you a PDF, gift you a Kindle or a privately printed paperback which has not yet been released.

    Whatever you decide, my congratulations on keeping up the important work of honest reviewing!

    Humphry Knipe

  2. How do we request a review? Is there an email we can reach you at?

  3. I would like to submit my novel, Never Done, for review. It is being released April 21. What format do you prefer--pdf, print, or electronic?

  4. My name is Antoine Cannon ( I have written an action book about a small military unit with a black female as main character. The book is called Yellow Jacket- Genesis. Would this be a book you would like to read? My I send you a copy of my book for kindle?

  5. Hello! I have a self published novel in an ancient Egyptian setting with a female lead. Please let me know how to reach you

    1. Hi, I would love to review it. To reach me, please see the contact me section to email me. Thanks.

  6. Would you be interested in my new historical (Regency) novel?

    I've been published twice by Orion Publishing in literary fiction, and once by Unbound in speculative fiction (the Kirkus-starred Last Star Standing, under my pen name). 

    I turned down two publishers for this, one in the US and one in the UK for this, my first Regency novel, because I wanted control over the marketing etc. myself.

    It reads like Jane Austen, and there is romance in it, but there's also more to it than romance... It's also 100,000 words, which may be more words than you prefer!!!

    With grateful thanks in advance for your response, 

    Alice McVeigh   

  7. I would like you to consider my novel, The Mass of Men, which features a female firefighter cadet and the conflicts and bonds that develop within her academy class. It is the first novel to explore the experiences of firefighting cadets, much less a female firefighter, and the book is based on my personal experiences. I was a firefighter/paramedic for 13 years before going on for a PhD in biological anthropology. The book explores the culture of firefighting and how a woman can seamlessly integrate in a male dominated field. It also explores an emotional triangle that develops between Samantha, Ty, a fellow cadet, and Commander Daniels, who oversees their training. The book is a FAPA silver medalist and an IndieReader "Best Of" book. Please contact me at Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Hi. Would you be interested in reviewing my novel, scheduled for publication in October? The protagonist of Distorted Vision is Ana. She and her brother Jared go back to their childhood home in Tanzania for a few weeks. He’ll volunteer as a surgeon at a remote hospital, and she’ll seek projects for her university’s global health program. When Jared disappears, Ana’s work and life fall to pieces. She’s forced to reevaluate her ideas about providing “help” and improving the lives of people in a part of the world she loves. Whether you imagine that Western aid is a panacea or the problem, this suspenseful story, rooted in my experience, living and working for 20 years in the health field in different African countries, will challenge your views. Thank you.


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