The Deadliest Fever (Miriam bat Isaac Mystery #4) by June Trop: A Book Review

The Deadliest Fever (Miriam bat Isaac Mystery #4)
Author: June Trop
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Mystery
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Release Date: 2018
Pages: 248
Source: Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Synopsis: Miriam bat Isaac, a budding alchemist and amateur sleuth in first-century CE Alexandria, is concerned when she learns that the Torah mantle in Alexandria’s Great Synagogue has been damaged. She takes the mantle to Judah, a renowned jeweler and the unrequited love of her life. He repairs the mantle but assures her that the gems are genuine. Like Miriam, he is astonished that someone would damage the mantle but leave the gems behind. But Miriam suspects that something is not right. She is even more convinced that something is amiss, a few days later, when an anonymous note arrives, warning that the security at the Synagogue needs to be increased. As she digs for answers, she learns that some of the people she trusts are not what they seem, and she may not survive long enough to uncover the truth… 

      My Review: Miriam bat Isaac, alchemist and amateur sleuth, now tackles another case! Miriam discovers that the Torah mantle in Alexandria’s Great Synagogue has been vandalized. She takes the mantle to her crush, Judah, for repair. While he repairs it, Judah tells her that the gems in the mantle are authentic. Miriam is surprised because why would someone damage the mantle but not steal the gems. She becomes more suspicious and believes that there is more to the case. Miriam searches for the truth as to the real reason why the Torah was damaged.

   Ever since reading The Deadliest Sport, I have been fascinated with Miriam and her mysteries. In this latest installment, Miriam is struggling with the guilt of sending her brother to his death. She spends the book trying to make up for her late brother. Miriam also tries to find a way to be with her love Judah, whom she cannot marry because he is of a lower-class. Thus, I saw a more vulnerable side to Miriam, who is usually very strong-willed and does not let anything get her down. I liked her more and saw a more mature figure.

    Overall, this novel is about regrets, loss, and acceptance. The mystery was not very compelling and was a little unsatisfactory. However, I liked the supporting characters in the novel and Miriam’s inner struggle. The novel is very well-written and is very meticulously researched. It was as if ancient Alexandria had come alive. My favorite part of the The Deadliest Fever was the ending. It was happy and romantic, making me want more! While The Deadliest Fever seemed like a perfect ending, I hope that there will be more mysteries for I would love to see what is next in store for Miriam! I recommend this series for fans of The Ides of April, Domina, and I, Claudia.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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