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Blog Tour: Bad Princess by Kris Waldherr: A Book Review

Bad Princess
Author: Kris Waldherr
Pub. Date: January 30, 2018
Publisher: Scholastic Nonfiction
Pages: 128
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, iBooks, TBD
Source: This book was given to me by Rockstar Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.
Synopsis: Forget everything you thought you knew about princesses...

      Welcome to Bad Princess by Kris Waldherr (author of Doomed Queens), where you'll discover what really happens after "Happily Ever After." From the war-torn Dark Ages of Medieval Europe to America's Gilded Age, and all the way up to Kate Middleton, Bad Princess explores more than 30 true princess stories, going beyond the glitz and glamour to find out what life was really like for young royals throughout history.

       A mix of royal biography, pop culture, art, style, and pure fun, Bad Princess is a whip-smart, tongue-in-cheek spin on the traditional princess narrative, proving that it takes more than a pretty crown to be a great leader.

     My Review: There have been many little girls that have dreamt of becoming princesses. The surge of the princess obsession has been made popular by Disney. There have been Disney Princess movies, dolls, tiaras, and costumes. While many girls dream of becoming princesses and living happily-ever-after, Mrs. Waldherr states that in real-life many princesses did not end up with a happy ending. She takes the reader on a romp through history analyzing real-life princesses from the Dark Ages to the present day.

   I enjoyed Mrs. Waldherr’s previous book, Doomed Queens, so I was very excited to read this one. It was a quick, light read, with many parts of the book in pink text format covered with many illustrations of both fairy-tale princesses and real-life princesses. However, it was filled with a lot information that I did not know. There were also many princesses that I really didn’t know. One example is  Hodierna of Tripoli, a princess of Jerusalem. I was also intrigued with the story of Louis XIV’s daughters and America's "Dollar Princesses". Another little fact that I did not know was that before WWIII, males used to wear pink and girls used to wear blue.

  Overall, this is a small book but filled with fun new information. While the target is for teenage girls, this book can be for anyone who is interested in royalty. I love the author’s message of what a true princess means in the end. While a princess can be beautiful, wear fine dresses, and a glittering tiara, a true princess must help others and try to change the world. That is a message that we can all aspire to. Thus, Bad Princess is not only perfect for fans of fairy-tales and history lovers, but also for those who love Princesses Behaving Badly, Bad Girls Throughout History, and Rejected Princesses.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

About Kris:

     Kris Waldherr is an award-winning author and illustrator whose books for adults and children include Bad Princess, Doomed Queens, and The Book of Goddesses. The New Yorker praised Doomed Queens as “utterly satisfying” and “deliciously perverse.” The Book of Goddesses was a One Spirit/Book-of-the-Month Club’s Top Ten Most Popular Book. Her picture book Persephone and the Pomegranate was noted by the New York Times Book Review for its “quality of myth and magic.” As a visual artist, Waldherr is the creator of the Goddess Tarot, which has a quarter of a million copies in print. She has had illustrations published as greeting cards, book covers, and in calendars and magazines. Her art has been exhibited in many galleries and museums, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

     Waldherr's debut novel The Lost History of Dreams will be published by Touchstone Books in early 2019.

Giveaway Details:

     3 winners will receive a finished copy of BAD PRINCESS, US Only.

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